The RC-AAM listserv is available to all registrars and collections managers, as well as those who have peripheral responsibilities or interests.

TO SUBSCRIBE to the listserv, click here.

You will see the LISTSERV 16.0 RCAAM Home Page.

On the right hand of the screen click on “Subscribe or Unsubscribe”.


Enter your information and click on the button “Subscribe (RCAAM)”.


To manage your subscription settings you will need to register a listserv password and then login to the listserv. Both of these actions can be completed at

After you login, click on “Subscriber’s Corner” at the top left of the screen.


Click on “RCAAM [Settings] [Post]”


From here you can change your subscription settings and search the archives.

TO UNSUBSCRIBE click “Unsubscribe (RCAAM) or send email to LISTSERV@si-listserv.SI.EDU.

No subject is required. In the body of the email, issue the command:

Signoff RCAAM
// EOJ

If you have questions, please email RC-AAM Secretary Sofía Galarza Liu at


The most recent messages will be displayed prominently. Move your cursor over the subject and the first few lines of the message will appear. Click on the subject to see the whole message.

Below the most recent messages you can view the archive a month at a time; click on any month hover over the subject line with your cursor to show the first few lines of the message.

At the right sidebar there are several options:

1) Search Archives

1a) Advanced Options

2) Options

2a) Log Out

2b) Change Password

2c) Search Archives (same as Advanced Options above)

2d) Subscribe or Unsubscribe

2e) Post New Message

2f) Newsletter Templates

2g) Preferences

1) Search Archives
- Type the term you wish to search for in the box and press return. 
Note: This is not the most efficient way to search

1a) Advanced options
- This link will take you to a menu that enables a narrower search.  For example, if you are looking for “Insurance Appraisal”, enter the term at the “String” command. Because the SI host server processes thousands of emails going to 300 lists, it is far quicker if you narrow the time period for your query at the “Since” and “Until” fields. Click on the question mark preceding each field to learn the formatting options for each field. Search results will appear at the bottom of the page. Be sure to scroll all the way down to view the messages in full.

2) Options

2a) Logout – self explanatory.

2b) Change password – self explanatory.

2c) Search Archives – same as 1a above.

2d) Subscribe or Unsubscribe – here you can change your settings, set to digest, set to “no mail”, etc. You can also unsubscribe here. But you must be logged in to do so. If you have forgotten your password to login you will be prompted.

2e) Post new message – self explanatory

2f) Newsletter templates – this option allows you to personalize the look of your posts to the listserv if you use the RC web-based option to post to the listserv. However the user’s own email program is the default if nothing is selected here.

2g) Preferences – it is recommended that you leave the preferences at the default setting.

At the top right of the listserv screen there is a tab for “Preferences”. This is the same as “2g” above, and is best left at the default.

Please contact the listserv manager, Mignon Erixon-Merritt, at
 if you have further questions.